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Quantum's high-quality, locally-made bedroom furniture allows you to create an interior that will transform the way you live.

Our carefully selected range offers a wide choice of styles from sleek and sophisticated to simple and elegant. All door styles available in all the door colours

Our broad range of colours allows you to combine existing elements from your room or start from scratch to create a daring, unique look. Talk to your designer today to find out more on how Quantum can transform your bedroom.

This new range has 17 new styles of door and each style is available in 23 different colour/grain finishes thus making a range of 391 different bedroom looks available.
  • Bedrooms, Chatsworth


  • Bedrooms, Craythorne Vanila Text

    Craythorne Vanila Text

  • Bedrooms, Danesbury Beech

    Danesbury Beech

  • Bedrooms, Elland Mainau Birch

    Elland Mainau Birch

  • Bedrooms, Gillingham Sandy Birch

    Gillingham Sandy Birch

  • Bedrooms, Harborne


  • Bedrooms, Harborne Jasmine

    Harborne Jasmine

  • Bedrooms, Hedingley White Text

    Hedingley White Text

  • Bedrooms, Hillingdon Lyon

    Hillingdon Lyon

  • Bedrooms, Maywood Walnut

    Maywood Walnut

  • Bedrooms, Pennington Grey Avola and White

    Pennington Grey Avola and White

  • Bedrooms, Pennington Tobacco

    Pennington Tobacco

  • Bedrooms, Prestbury White Avola

    Prestbury White Avola

  • Bedrooms, Rushmere Montana Oak

    Rushmere Montana Oak

  • Bedrooms, Somerley Portofino Cherry

    Somerley Portofino Cherry

  • Bedrooms, Tynedale Swiss Pear

    Tynedale Swiss Pear

  • Bedrooms, Westbridge Maple

    Westbridge Maple